This Blogger's Bathroom

I recently had a request to show more of my living space, and so today I have a little treat for all of my readers: My bathroom!
Before getting my hands on this space, it was covered in (I kid you not) floor to ceiling fish wallpaper. I don't have a picture so you will just have to trust me on this one. When my brothers moved out I knew it was time to glamify and girlify the space. I couldn't change any of the major elements like flooring, layout, countertops, tiles or the tub and my budget was very limited, but I'm in love with the room now! Here is the finished result:
My favourite detail is the pink depression glass pieces from my mother. I also love the little details like the crystal knobs and shower curtain hooks and the tassels. The black swirl painting is a piece I created.
What do you all think? I'm anxious for some feedback!


Ka Mila said...[Reply]

sweet :}


Jen of MadeByGirl said...[Reply]

beautiful bathroom... love the silver frames and love the chandelier from what I can see


Rachel Andre said...[Reply]

Simply stunning! wow @ the fish wallpapers. I can hardly imagine that was the before look.

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...[Reply]

It's totally gorgeous; I love it!! It definitely looks like a space for a glam girl like you!

Tiffany @ Savor Home said...[Reply]

Such a cozy and glam space! Love the clutch, too!

Kendra said...[Reply]

Can I ask where you found your medicine cabinet? It's gorgeous.

Tiffany Leigh said...[Reply]

Hello Kendra! Thank you. I looked for an e-mail address to reply to you directly, but couldn't find one! Hopefully you will check back here. I got the medicine cabinet at Canadian Tire for around $120. I hope this helps! xo

Towel Radiators said...[Reply]

WOW!! Your bathroom is the epitome of elegance and function – all rolled into one! It is very inspirational for those who want to remodel their own living spaces.

White Weathered Hutch, said...[Reply]

Am I seeing this right.... Are your fixtures gray. As well as your counter top. If they are I love it.
Mine are gray as well and I love how you painted the walls.
The hardware on the doors are just the right bling.

Jannah Delfin said...[Reply]

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Mohita Sharma said...[Reply]
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Mohita Sharma said...[Reply]

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Rosypeter S said...[Reply]

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