Black Bathrooms

I have black bathrooms on the brain. They are moody and sexy, yet somehow relaxing all at the same time. It all started with Jenna Lyons' bathroom that everyone fell in love with when it appeared in Domino back in 2008, and from there, my obsession has only grown and grown.
Jenna Lyons via Domino November 2008
Mark D. Sikes via Domaine
Gaby Burger via The Vault Files
via Lonny June/July 2010
via Cupcakes and Cashmere
I love Emily's recently unveiled powder room in the last image. It actually reminds me a lot of this powder room I designed for school a year ago! (read more about the project here and here) :

How do you guys feel about the whole black bathroom thing? Would you, could you?


Cane Chair Score

If you follow my instagram account, then you might have seen this beautiful cane chair that I picked up at Good Will for $10 last week (excuse the iPhone picture..read more about the mirror here):
 I was so happy when I found this. I have been looking for a cane chair just like this for well over a year now. Last summer, I saw one at the flea market but they were asking $90. My best friend Laura major low balled for me and we basically got kicked out of the booth. Good times.
But, I'm glad I held out because this one is gorgeous, in great condition, and a great price! Ideally though, I'll be able to find a partner for her, and a great reupholstery fabric.
I  might leave the wood natural though...just touch it up a bit...is that crazy?:
via Lonny February/March 2010
via Lonny February/March 2010
Do you think this is an upholstery job I can tackle on my own? I am an upholstery virgin, keep in mind.My girl's Hannah and Elizabeth were able to do some amazing cane chair makeovers! Check them out.


Leopard Print Prints

Who doesn't love a good leopard print? And what about a leopard print print. Are you following? I have two leopard print prints in my own space, and I must say that as far as I'm concerned they were made for each other. Together, they are making my desk area so lovely.
The 'As far as I'm concerned leopard is a neutral - Jenna Lyons' print is from SS Print Shop.
The YSL leopard loafer print is from The Aestate.
How do you incorporated leopard print into your own decor? Let me know in the comments below.


Octagonal Mirrors

A sculptural mirror can have such a big impact on a space, simultaneously acting as both artwork and a reflective surface. This is why I was so excited when I found this lovely octagonal mirror while I was out thrifting last week:

 I found it at Good Will for a mere $4, and knew it had a tonne of potential.
When I got home, a Pinterest hunt led me to some mega inspiration:
Amy Perlin, originally published in House and Garden, August 2005 via Architectural Digest
Sean McNally via Lonny
Raúl Martins, originally published in Nuevo Estilo Magazine, via Habitually Chic
via Pinterest, original source unknown
For now I have mine hanging in my newly organized closet (more on that later...I need to get a better light bulb before I can photograph it). I'm still deciding how to refinish my mirror, but at the moment I'm leaning towards tortoise shell. Any thoughts? This is a project I might not tackle until my next apartment, where I will hopefully have more space to display it in a more prominent spot.